Vol II

by Beira

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VOL II is Beira's second full length album.
Recorded and Mixed by Dale Holland.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
Artwork by Kyle Bowen.
Released July 13, 2018 on Doom Stew Records.


released July 13, 2018


"8.) Beira -Vol. II
Former CityBeat music editor Jeff Terich raved about these doom-metalers back in September, and man, he was right. Six savage and scathing tracks made all the more impressive by Ruby Haynes’ vicious wails."

Seth Combs
San Diego CityBeat


"A while back I interviewed this band. I did so because I liked what I had heard. There was a cool vibe to their music. It was heavy but not hard to listen to. Now it is time to dissect the second offering. All I can say is that this knocked me from the first note. Listening to this is like choosing the path of less resistance. You just let it sweep you away. In a way this reminds me of Sweden’s Agrimonia. There is the vibe of crust, hardcore and doom in sinful snake pit. Styles that separately might not seem like an ideal fit. But in the hands of a band like BEIRA it works like a clock. This is some really cool stuff. I am glad that I got to hear this."

Anders Ekdahl


BEIRA new album Vol II is a heavy stylized mix of Doom, Sludge and Stoner sounds. The whole album has a very raw and honest feel with the album feeling like it was recorded live or in a very short space of time. That's not a bad thing as BEIRA throw you straight into the action with the excellent opening song - The Circle.

The song has a very caustic approach for the first few minutes with the raw sounding clean vocals. Things take a very nasty turn when harsh/death vocals appear. This is where the album becomes heavier and more doom orientated. This was an unexpected turn of events as I was expecting BEIRA to keep up with the Punk/DIY sound they created on the earlier moments of the song. BEIRA even manage to include distorted moments of Heavy Psych Rock/Metal on this song.

The opening track is a good indication on what to expect for the other songs on the album. As they mostly follow the same route but BEIRA still manage to include different elements of music on certain parts of the album...

The other songs on the album such as Black Monk, Sensei, Ancient Ones and Shine And Burn - offer a real menacing threat with their bombastic styles of Doom and Sludge Metal offset by brutal Hardcore/Death based growls. The instrumental work is what impresses the most as BEIRA manage to highly original riffs on their own unflinching and uncompromising terms.

Vol II won't be for everyone and is perhaps more suited for the more adventurous Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal fan. The album really comes alive when the Apocalyptic sounding Post-Doom moments appear. If you’re fan of doom metal heavyweights such as CONAN then you will find much to enjoy here. Overall, Vol II is a very good album indeed and BEIRA prove they have a few tricks up their sleeves to scare even the most jaded of Doom/Sludge Metal fan into heavy submission.

Steve Howe, Editor


all rights reserved



Beira San Diego, California

Power trio from San Diego

Beira is:

Ruby Haynes
-vocals, guitar

AJ Belluto
-drums, vocals

Kris Reynolds

Since 2014


Press Kit:

Booking/Info: beiramusic6@gmail.com


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Track Name: Circle
Down in the hills called sith and past the elder tree
Men valiant warriors ready to spill blood this day
Scream to wake the spirits
Scream to call the gods

The warrior heart of hate for those with fire do invade
Ready to die, ready to kill to keep his way of life
Scream, sword to the skull
Scream, hatchet through the heart

Down in the mounds have always been a battle ground
She doth scream and wail to lament the dead
Scream, dagger slits the throat
Scream, arrow through the eye

Oh brother, who I have slain, why do you fight for the other side?
And the banshees scream
You've betrayed your people, you've betrayed your brother, you've betrayed yourself and now death is coming for you
And the banshees scream

Down in the mounds have always been a battleground
She doth scream and wail to lament the dead
Scream to wake the spirits
Scream to call the gods
Track Name: Black Monk
I can take away your pain if you come with me
You will come with me

When the noon day demon arises and approaches
It seeks your consecration by seizing your grief
But this black monk wants to live inside you
Freezing all it touches
But you will fight... again


Child come with me
Rest your head
Fall asleep
It's over


Child change your mind
I'll return again
We've fought so long
Enemies feel like friends
Track Name: Sensei
All of his lives he's been searching for the perfect living master
All he found was his own decay, death the only master

Death is living inside him
Death is living
Sensei, this is for you

All my life I've been listening for the voice of the inner master
All I found was another question and I have not found the asker

Death is living inside me
Nothing is but what is dying
But nothing is
Sensei, this is for you
Track Name: Ancient Ones
When you choose the mystery you make it real

the little ones hide in twilight
tie together shoes
the ancient ones find forgotten coin
for doom is nothing new

joy the least coin easy to lose
joy the least coin little ones find
Track Name: Crone
Face like tree
Weight of earth
Tears of sky
To fill your shallow heart

Oh she knows those tricks of yours for she has played them all

Years with she
Rave and word
Weary eye
Until you swallow hard

Known is the trap known is the fall if she warned
You wouldn't heed it anyway for she is vast and you are small

Crow will lend his caw
Crone will let you fall

Well worn the path well worn the soul
Track Name: Shine And Burn
As we go in to dark rooms to speak to the light
We take dead skin and cover our eyes
So tonight we shine and burn

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